About Seny

In the fast-fashion world where everyone is excited over trendy styles, The Seny Collection was born out of the passion for honoring the world’s ageless tradition of handicrafts and craftsmanship. The online platform is one of its kind in the world that effectively provides peerless artisans a path to showcase their extraordinary craft and share to connect with lovers of handicrafts.

The platform is coined to make an impact by introducing this beautiful legacy of handmade products to a new generation of people globally. The products are purely handmade, ethically sourced, and progressive manufactured, working with extraordinary and talented craftspeople. The collection of jewelry, clothing, home décors, and handbags are voguish for their simplicity, elegance, and uniqueness.

The Seny collection aims to preserve these invaluable traditions and work tirelessly to give a chance to artisans as they are true vessels of cultural knowledge and deserve appreciation. Also, it’s a dedicated lifestyle brand to dignify and empower women through employment around the world.

The Seny Collection is a belief to look forward to sharing a journey of exploration, courage, and faith to keep alive these centuries-old crafts. Thus, we’re on a mission to give handmade products made of love the rightful place in our homes and hearts.


The Seny Collection is a global fashion brand that empowers women to be bold, embrace their unique beauty, and fearlessly shine, while uplifting female artisan entrepreneurs from the African continent.


Our vision is to be a premier, luxury African hand-carfted product distributor, recognized in local and global markets for supporting all of the women who touch our product. From amplifying the inspirational stories of our resilient artisan partners to championing the values-driven customers who’s every purchase directly economically empowers women, we are a fashion-forward community created by women, for women.

Brand Values

Community Building. We’ll form a coalition of values-driven fashion-lovers who are passionate about economically empowering women of color. We foster that community by promoting discussion on the state of entrepreneurship, specifically artisans, in the African continent.

Respect for Artisans. Our Artisans are the soul of our products and we will amplify their stories and voices. We uplift and support them with fair pricing, reflective of the time and talent invested in creating the products that delight our customers.

Customer Delight. Our sisters, and their delight, are the heart of our company. We are customer obsessed and take great pride in the ability to make our customers smile and empower them to feel uniquely beautiful in our products.

Unique Aesthetic. We pride ourselves on offering truly distinct, fashion-forward collections that are as unique as each of our sisters. Our flagship collection, The Kazuri Collection, is a perfect example of jewelry where no two pieces are alike

Superior Craftsmanship. Our products are expertly handcrafted, high quality goods that will remind you of Africa’s vibrancy and its enchanting natural beauty. Our rigorous inspection practices ensure quality assurance.

Reliability. From our Artisan partners to our sisters who wear our products with pride, the Seny Collection is committed to reliability. You can count on us to support female entrepreneurs grow their business, while taking every opportunity to make you glad you chose us.

Who says you can’t buy love when you can buy handicrafts, made with love and care, only for you!