About us

The Seny Collection is without artistic national boundaries. The jewelry, clothing, home décors, and handbags in this collection are selected for their simplicity, elegance, and uniqueness. I am working with artisans in Africa to present you with this selection of finely crafted products, and I hope these products will in turn inspire you to feel strong, brave, ambitious, and bold in your own beauty.

Better Together 

Together we stand out, empower each other, and speak a language of authenticity, beauty, and purpose. 

Create a New Story

We are working hand in hand with artisans and designers in Africa, a bond of diverse ideas and cultures. 

My  Vision

Is to be recognized in both the local and global markets as a top Brand of African hand-crafted products. Be assured that your purchase from The Seny Collection will tangibly help resilient women and girls achieve resiliency and the capability to a secure living.

We are confident that the work, craftsmanship, and talent of these artisans will impress you, and our hope is that you will admire the details put into the offerings found here.  It is this belief that is invoked by the words Make. Fashion. Believe.  We look forward to sharing a journey of exploration, courage, and faith in each other with all of you.  We hope that you continue to be as delighted with The Seny Collection's increased offerings as we will be to present them to you. 


 Make. Fashion. Believe